Single Lady Blues:

What Being Single Really Means When You’re 30+

This blog site is dedicated to various sub-topics related to the counseling profession. Topics include: general counseling, play therapy, marital/couples counseling, and family counseling. This blog is designed for consumers, practitioners, and students.

Play Therapy Life Hacks 0001: Emotion Boards

Ages: Pre-K thru 3rd grade  (May also be appropriate for individuals who suffer from intellectual disability and/or social skill deficits) The purpose of this activity is to help clients associate emotions with colors and to help clients identify emotions as they are depicted in nonverbal expressions. Materials: Velcro strips or Glue Dots 4 sheets of colored construction…

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Why Counseling Won’t Work For You

If you’ve ever been the least bit curious about counseling, this piece is for you. I aim to provide a general overview of the counseling process and ways that the reality of counseling is different from the myth of counseling. If you are anything like me, you probably won’t go to the doctor unless you…

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