As a licensed professional counselor, I liken my occupation to what I consider to be my divine appointment in life. My ultimate aim is best summarized by the following motto—“Helping everyday people achieve growth, healing, and change.” I believe that we all experience challenges that deplete our natural abilities to cope. Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or are trying to piece your family back together after an experience with substance abuse. Either way, I have the clinical skills and knowledge of resources that can help you and your loved ones regain control and move towards healthier, happier lives.
Over time, I have found that certain theoretical approaches work best for specific client problems, but do not feel that there is one particular approach for addressing diverse client needs.
For this reason, my primary mode of therapeutic intervention is integrative.
As a registered play therapist, I believe that change can be facilitated in many ways. One such way is play therapy, which allows a unique opportunity for a client and trained therapist to express and explore feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors through a non-threatening means of communication.