As a licensed professional counselor, I liken my occupation to what I consider to be my divine appointment in life. My ultimate aim is best summarized by the following motto—“Helping everyday people achieve growth, healing, and change.” I believe that we all experience challenges that deplete our natural abilities to cope.

” Helping Everyday People Achieve Growth, Healing, and Change”


If you have come to this page, there is a strong possibility that you are seeking professional help. Maybe you are hurting, frustrated, or just having a difficult time with a personal issue that you don’t wish to discuss with a close friend or relative. Whatever the reason, I want you to understand that you’ve made the right choice. Counseling is not just for persons who suffer from mental illness. It’s for people just like you and me— everyday people.


Play Therapy

Play therapists use various expressive arts modalities such as drawing, sand tray, dance, and puppetry, to help clients express their emotions through “play.”

Group Therapy

Group counseling involves a small group of individuals  who meet together regularly to address concerns that may be common to all group members.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a mode of treatment for emotional and behavioral disorders that uses face to face interactions between a therapist and client

Family Therapy

According to Holm, Bowler, Make, & Wamboldt (2009), unsupportive family relationships are associated with psychological distress.

Professional Development

Professional Development is one of the most important responsibilities for members of a given profession. Professional Development provides an opportunity for practitioners to continue engagement with their disciplines while also providing a means to enhance professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. As a continuing education provider, I feel that it is essential for mental and behavioral health professionals to engage in ongoing professional development for the enhancement of skills and services offered to our clientele.

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